2018-09 Iceland Adventure (24th Sep - 3rd Oct 2018) Posted on October 13th, 2017

Timothy Poulton and Chris Collacott take you on a whirlwind adventure of majestical Iceland. Discover the reason Photographers have been flocking here for images, from the famous mountains, towering waterfalls, iceberg lagoons and bubbling geysirs, this tour will not disappoint you.

Experience the best of the land of Vikings, where every second farm is named Bjork, and where rotten shark is eaten recreationally, chased by a moss-based spirit.  Feel the volcanic black sand beneath your feet. Summon your inner “Walter Mitty” and discover Icelands’ little treasures with us. 10 days will never have flown by so fast!

September/October is the perfect time to explore, having long sunrises and sunsets, with Northern Lights once night falls. Temperatures are mild and forgiving but still can be cold with a chance of fresh snowfall.

Locations include: Kirkjufell, Budir, Hraunfossar, Hvitserkur, Seljandsfoss, Skogafoss, Vik, Jokulsarlon and Reykjavik, plus many more opportunities along the way.

Timothy Poulton & Chris Collacott

6 Guests

Amateur and semi-pro photographers

October - Temps 10 / -1C - Sunrise 6:09/Sunset 8:45

10 days with a mix of 3 - 4 Star Hotels (twin share) & Local transportation

Items of a personal nature, food, drinks, clothing and insurance

Hiking boots and alpine weather clothing

Arrival & Departure Airport: Reykjavik, Transfer time to location 1 hours

Fairly light  - Walking through fields and along beaches or other activities that require some effort but not enough to speed up your breathing. A moderate level of health fitness is required for these trips.

Please contact the office by email with questions relating to any tour. 
As every tour is different, this gives us the opportunity to respond personally and specifically.

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